Equipment Repair and Replacement Fund

We are excited to share these important tools with our membership; however, due to the high cost of maintaining, repairing and replacing these items, we have found it necessary to start an equipment repair and replacement fund.  Therefore, we will now be assessing a small equipment usage fee for use of the below-mentioned equipment as well as for the use of our smoke testing equipment.  We are also accepting optional contributions to this fund so that we can continue to loan and maintain our current equipment and purchase new equipment.  Technical assistance and training associated with this equipment will still be FREE.  Please contact our office to take advantage of these and other valuable services.

Leak Detection

Wastewater Equipment

Additional Equipment

Information and forms (all are in pdf format):

  1. Agreement for Electric Gate Valve, Work Order for Electric Gate Valve
  2. Agreement for Sewer Camera, Work Order for Sewer Camera
  3. Agreement for Smoke Testing, Work Order for Smoke Testing
  4. Agreement for Backflow Preventer Testing, Work Order for Backflow Preventer Testing
  5. Agreement for GIS Mapping, Work Order for GIS Mapping