Co-founder and product design at tosigram, which was started through IMSA TALENT. We won IMSA Power Pitch at MIT Enterprise Forum, and was invited to present at Silicon Valley’s DEMO conference at no expense, where we took the top award in our category. We also exhibited at New York Tech Day and International Startup Fest and were chosen to be part of the Twilio-sponsored DOer Express.

Somewhat of an autodidact, somewhat of a polyglot (currently learning Spanish). Attended college and dropped out after one semester. Built my own curriculum. Working on a small side project called nollege.co. Worked on Project Breaker‘s civic engagement challenge with TED senior fellow Juliette LaMontagne in collaboration w/ Qlabs, Google Creative Lab, IDEO, frog design. Has worked on assignments with Adidas, Google, ComEd in a past life (as in my life during high school).

Used to hack a lot of things. Discovered I am meant to be a designer. Now I do a lot more design work.

I jot observations at designtox, a compendium of interface and interaction designs and other curiosities in design, and curate Noodles&Brain, a reblog board of things I see on Tumblr that deserve a second look.

Passionate about technology, design, sustainability, and education. If we have a deep conversation I might try to explain how they all fit together in the grand scheme. Can type over 100 wpm and once had a conference call with President Obama.


Things I can’t live without

  • Music
  • A good audio system
  • Notes
  • A camera
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • A good touchpad
  • Orange juice for dinner
  • Ubuntu
  • Simplenote
  • Good aesthetics
  • Tumblr
  • The news
  • My memory foam pillow

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