What do I do with all this data

This isn’t actually a post; more a question I’m thinking through and asking others for any tips on.

So I have a ton of data (short observations I’ve gathered in my ubiquitous text capture system). An item or observation is usually a sentence separated from the next item by a blank line. It’s all in plain text.

So I wanna browse through this and give it some order other than just reverse chronological (I add every new observation to the top of the document).

I was starting to categorize them in plain text but then I started thinking I should really leave the raw data like this, and organize and add metadata (mainly tags I’m thinking) later otherwise the data gets all messy.

I’m thinking I should put them into an array. Don’t know a magical way to do this but search and replace can help me replace the blank lines into the correct array syntax. Don’t have exact dates for any item but I think I can evenly-distribute onto a timeline (I have start and end dates, about a year worth of total time) because all the notes are in reverse chronological order. This way I can attach an approximate date onto each item for my reference. Perhaps also as an interface tool with a horizontal timeline. Then I can display with Javascript and read it in my browser.

I have no idea what else. If I was really fancy I could try to make a way to edit the info (add tags) in browser but probably not worth the commitment. Don’t know how I want to organize or tag this information honestly. What else can I do with all this data?

Everything leads to everything else.