Panasonic RP-HX35 Headphones – Review

As one of the first people to actually get the RPHX35 (apparently), I want to get a review up quickly so the rest of you don’t have to drop money on a 0 reviews item.

Pulling the RPHX35 out of its clear plastic box, you get the headphones all by its lonesome. That’s fine; I’ve probably gotten spoiled by those in-ear headphones that come with their 3 size eartips and carrying case and all. Unfortunately, the initial feel is not fine.


It’s quite apparent from first touch that this isn’t a premium product. I have to say that Panasonic absolutely nailed the styling (as it has with the older RPHTX7 as well), but it’s a $10 pair of headphones and what you get is hard plastic everything, not-very-plush earpads, and an old-school bonded headphone wire. At the least, the headphone plug is a nice slim L-plug that will fit into tight phone/tablet cases easily.

Sound quality was astonishingly bad from my first listen, so I left it to burn-in overnight. Unfortunately, just as bad! The entire sound is very flat and indistinct. Highs are a tad too bright, but that’s the least of its problems. Lows are nearly non-existent, no better than what you get in stock earbuds. In fact, if you listen to certain bass-heavy hip-hop, it sounds downright comical because you just lose the entire bassline! The biggest pain of these headphones, however, is in the mids. It sounds muffled and tinny, making vocals sound overpowered in every situation.

From Kanye beats to Sara Bareilles, the RPHX35 sounds bad! I mean these headphones make Call Me Maybe sound bad! How does that even happen?

If you listen to pop, don’t get these. If you listen to country, don’t get these. If you listen to acoustic, I sincerely hope you value your sound better than to get $10 headphones. If you listen to hip-hop, definitely don’t get these. If you listen to a lot electronic/synthy music, maybe you can get away with these. But it’s only because I don’t really understand electronic.


If you still haven’t been turned off this far in, I’ll just briefly go over comfort. It sucks! These RPHX35 have a convex pleather pad on each ear instead of the standard circular pad that’s open in the middle. Perhaps it’s to go with the retro look. Perhaps it’s also what makes the sound so bad. Either way, this design basically presses down on the cartilage of your ear and it gets painful quickly.

So that’s it. The RPHX35 has absolutely no redeeming qualities, except one. It has some killer looks. Perhaps you can give kudos to Panasonic for bringing an understated, retro design to the masses so we don’t have keep looking at those obnoxious Beats. For $10, perhaps that’s worth it to you to buy these just to hang around your neck. But just don’t put them near your ears.



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