The Bizzare Cell Phones of Wally World

First up is an oddball Samsung phone called the C3300 Champ.

Look at that, isn’t it the dinkiest little screen you’ve ever seen? Yet it’s solely a touchscreen phone! And reading its feature list, it sounds like a surprising multimedia powerhouse.

  • “One-touch access” to YouTube
  • FM radio with built-in antenna
  • Stereo speakers
  • 3.5mm jack



But hold up now! If you thought that was a dinky little screen, you have to check this next phone, the Motorola Motokey 3-chip EX117. It has a 2.0″ 176 x 220 screen. Yeah, serious stone age epicness. The product description humbly states the EX117 “lets you complete any basic task on the go.”

Oddly enough, it has the rather hip features of a 3.15MP camera (many times more ginormous than the screen resolution) and a QWERTY with dedicated Facebook key. The feature list also says it has a rear trackpad but I’ll have to assume that’s a misprint.

And, if you were wondering what “3-chip” means, the phone has three SIM card slots. Wild!


Going into some more modern territory, the next phone is a Motorola Spice XT300, which sounds pretty nice and is actually desirable.

You don’t see too many vertical slider Android phones, and much less one that is round and pebble-like. If you were a Palm Pre or Veer fan, this has quite some cred in your book. Its 3.0″ screen with moderate bezel confirms that the XT300 is indeed a nice pocketable little thing. Unfortunately, specs are a bit dated with Android 2.1 Eclair and a 528Mhz proc. However, it does come with a rare bonus for Android phones, FM radio.



The final contender is rather a giant. The BLU Studio 5.3″ D510 with a 5.3″ screen. BLU seems like an unknown foreign brand that has made some good inroads to the unlocked market recently, with its phones popping up in some Newegg sales. The company seems to have a great grasp on design.

If you want a giant slab phone, you could do worse for $259. Engadget was fairly impressed.


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