The Best Tools for Group Scheduling

Scheduling a meeting with your friends or colleagues sucks. Fortunately, many web services have been built to fix this problem. Unfortunately, many of these web services for scheduling also suck.

Doodle is the biggest in this space, so naturally AlternativeTo has a nice list of other group schedulers to try. I ended up finding three interesting contenders.

Let’s start with the best. WhenIsGood is something my friends have used before. The tacky UI and logo made me think there had to be better services, but after this comparison it ends up being my top choice. It has a supremely simple setup and the actual scheduling calendar is way better than that of any other service. No sign up required and the free plan is perfectly fine.

Meetifyr seemed the most promising to me, and it could be the best choice if its developers took some more time to polish it up. It has a fun UI, the only one on the list than isn’t a real eyesore. Unfortunately, the scheduling process is more complex that it needs to be, causing Meetifyr to lose on usability.

FasterPlan was also a promising tool. It has a clear, if boring, interface and adds the useful features of text posts and group polls. Once I started using it, however, I realized the scheduling calendar is horribly rigid. It would be hard for me to recommend this.


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