Afternoon Refresh

I thought up another way to intervene my bad habit of slaving away at my computer every afternoon. The root of the problem is that once I get on the computer, I find a billion tasks to do and, because of the nature of the internet, I find a billion more tasks to do as soon as I finish my original tasks.

Without completely segmenting my life into a schedule (which doesn’t seem to work too well for me), I’ve designated a mandatory 15 minute refresh period for myself every afternoon. How is it mandatory? I have my Tomato router set up to kill the internet for 15 minutes every day at 4:30pm, and I have an iPhone alarm set to warn me 5 minutes prior.

Hopefully, that 15 minutes of offline peace will allow me to break away from what I was working on and take a look at what I should be accomplishing that day. Maybe I’ll even turn off my computer to work on the offline work that so often gets passed over. So, don’t be surprised if you see my suddenly go offline in the afternoons!

  • jayson

    Followed your link from the discussion on HN. This is a brilliant idea. I’m going to try this myself, thanks.

    • AndrewNoNumbers

      Thanks! The once-a-day break is good enough to get me on track, but of course you can make more elaborate schedules… say, 15 minutes offline every 2 hours. 

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