Changing the game: Light field cameras

Pretty much the most badass technology to come out of Silicon Valley in a long time. It’s a completely new camera technology that lets you “shoot first, focus later.”

As described by one of Lytro’s investors:

People often refer to taking a picture as capturing the moment, but conventional photography does not really capture the moment. It captures one angle, one set of light, and one focus of the moment. If you are a professional photographer, you might capture the best parts of the moment. If you are someone like me, you most certainly will not. With Ren’s light field camera, you actually capture the moment or at least all of the light that visually represents the moment. Once you have captured the moment, you can go back at any time and get the picture that you want.

The idea for this company actually came from a Stanford CS student’s PhD dissertation. He went on to build his research into a viable consumer company, Lytro, which has attracted $50m in funding so far. You can see many more demo photos here.

An actual camera is scheduled to come out to market later this year. Personally, I’m more excited about the potential that such an innovative technology brings.

  • cspritch76

    Whoa, that’s amazing.  It will be interesting to see where that tech ends up.

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