Google Instant creates more revenue?

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the web today regarding Google’s new Instant feature. And quite the reason for buzz too as Google also announced that they are serving 1 billion users a week, making it one of the most-used web services ever.

There was also quite a bit of clamor over the immediate and lasting effects of this major new feature. This TechCrunch post in particular got me thinking. So “Google Instant Is Less About Speed Than It Is About Volume” huh?

Unfortunately the title of the article was the best part. The three points presented in the post (consumer usage pattern, search market share, SEO tactics) all miss what I was thinking. And that is that with Instant, Google has just majorly jacked up the amount of ad impressions (and thus clicks) for its search results ad sidebar. So yes, Google Instant seems to be more about volume, the volume of ad impressions.

Let’s see what happens when Mrs. Smith tries to find out how to make waffles.

Well, she notices that she could be making jello shots instead.

But more importantly, she gets the chance to glance at the always-relevant quick-money, insurance, foreclosure ads. And notice that the ad sidebar is placed closer to the top of the screen than the search results.

So, Google win? Or am I just playing conspiracy theorist?

Everything else is secondary.